Monarch Capital is focused on reaching clients´┐Ż ultimate financial and investment goals.

Monarch Capital Group, LLC is a full-service asset-management and investment banking firm that specializes in identifying small- and micro-cap investment opportunities with substantial emerging-growth potential.

The initial investment we make with our clients – whether they are individual, institutional or corporate – is always the same. It is the investment of time. It is the first brick laid in the foundation of every productive relationship we build. We take the time to ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers to ensure that we respond with customized, targeted advice. It is one of the many ways we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to personalized service.

Rather than expecting new clients to make a blind leap of faith, Monarch Capital builds trust organically. The principals of our firm regularly invest their own money in the same independently analyzed, emerging-growth investments we make for our individual and institutional clients.   This keeps our interests aligned with those of our clients. By taking a vested interest in our clients’ success, we are literally tying our fortunes to theirs. Our integrity is just as evident with our corporate Investment Banking clients. We never take our clients’ trust for granted, nor do we rest on the laurels of our past successes. Instead, we take each new day as it comes, always poised to seize new investment opportunities as they emerge and mitigate risks as they arise.

Investment markets are – by definition and by nature – dynamic and reactionary. The only constant is change. On any given day, economic experts and financial pundits can be heard loudly and authoritatively expressing differing opinions and contradictory recommendations. In this sea of confusion, Monarch Capital remains a harbor of sanity. Our long-term, value-oriented investment approach and deep understanding of market behavior help us to maintain our focus, not on the rough seas we may encounter along the way, but on reaching our clients’ ultimate financial and investment goals.